SATYAJIT RAY FILM SOCIETY BENGALURU, in short SRFSB is proud to announce the third edition Bengaluru Bengali Film Festival 2019 from 21st June to 23rd June 2019 .

Bengaluru viewers have already tested the unique cultural exchange of cinemas between states, which was organised in previous two consecutive years around same time. And it had witnessed a grand success in terms of achieving the fate of overwhelming response from audience of Bengaluru of various community. This festival has been recognized with utmost standard by all renowned films scholars and stalwarts of various Government and non-Government Film Federation of India.

In 2019, we have bigger dreams, bigger collaborations and bigger expectations. So tighten up your seat-belt and get ready to embrace the one of a kind cinematic experience and dive deep into the ocean of Bengali Cinema which is making a creative impact in the global arena of film making.

Bengaluru Bengali Kannada Film Festival (BBKFF-2019)

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