Duration: 85 mins

Country: India

Language: Bengali

Sub Title: Yes

Genre: Drama

Anyakto is a poignant tale of a mother and son. The story encapsulates an unusual journey of Indra right from his childhood, adolescence to being a grown man. A series of unexplained events which turn him into a man he never ought to be. And these unexplained and unusual series of events are come upon by the three most integral pillars of the film, Indra’s mother Sathi, his father Kaushik, and his favourite uncle, also his father’s friend, Rudra. The film travels through various time lapses and captures the stirring and unexplainable situations and turmoil the trio goes through. The story zooms into the intricacies and complexities of various relationships. It is a humble attempt to explore love, regret, loneliness, sadness, the search for identity, and multiple other emotions through the principal characters of the film.

Official Poster Courtesy: Cinestaan

Cast & Crew

Director: Arjunn Dutta

Producer: Tarun Das

Screenplay: Arjunn Dutta

DOP: Supratim Bhol aka Joy

Sound/Music: Soumya Rit Nag

Cast: Arpita Chatterjee, Adil Hussain, Anubhav Kanjilal, Anirban Ghosh, Lily Chakravarty, Kheya Chattopadhyay