Duration: 102 mins

Country: India

Language: Bengali

Genre: Drama

84-year-old father Sushovan is a brilliant former professor of History, presently suffering from age related neurological problems including dementia and cognitive dysfunction. His middle-aged son Aryanil visits him, an intimately sensitive man going through an unsettling phase in his personal life. Though deeply attached to his father, Aryanil is settled in Chicago, USA, and as such cut off from the soul who shaped his life. Within a five-day span of reunion, lost chapters get curiously reopened and incidents long buried suddenly turn relevant. Few days become more eventful than years and through the process of confrontation with ageing and destiny, Aryanil has to find an ultimate solution to deal with the present mental state of his father and also, to seek peace, hope and sustenance in his own

Directed by : Atanu Ghosh

Writing Credits (in alphabetical order)  : Atanu Ghosh