Kura Pokkhir Shunne Ura

Duration: 117 mins

Country: Bangladesh

Language: Bengali

Sub Title: N/A

Genre: N/A

Sultan, the young protagonist, decides to move to the haor to work as a farmhand for a family of an elderly man whose son died last year leaving behind a young girl Ruku, a toddler and the widowed wife.


It is paddy harvesting season and there is a race against time before the monsoon rains flood the region. Sultan toils away in the fields, becomes accustomed with the ways of the village, and develops a bond with the children and their widowed mother.

After the harvest, the area becomes flooded by the gushing and seemingly ceaseless waters pouring downhill during monsoon season. The villagers struggle against the strong currents and massive waves to stop the soil from eroding away. Things take a turn for the worse when the toddler accidentally drowns in the engulfing waters.

At the end of the monsoon, the family’s stock of food grain runs thin and there’s hardly any other means of earning a livelihood. Sultan did not want to be a burden of the family and decides to leave. His decision prompts an emotional drama that leads him to marry the widow.

Sultan dreams big to settle in life with the harvest of cultivated paddy. But a devastating flash flood washes away the entire paddy before harvesting, leaving them penniless and in dire straits. The future looks bleak, and with no rays of hope in sight, Sultan and the family begin a new journey toward the city in search of livelihood.


Written, Directed byMuhammad Quayum

Assistant Director: Noyon Ashraf

Cinematographer:  Mazaharul Razu

ChiefASSt. Cinematographer:  Safir Biplob

ASSiStant Cinematographer Anik Barua, Kamruzzaman Arif

Art Direction & Costume: Rabi Dewan

Location Sound Recording:  Sazzad Ahmed

Assistant Sound Recordist:  Abhijit Arka

Sound Design: Sukanta Majumdar

Music: Satyaki Banerjee

Editing: Arghyakamal Mitra

Director’s Special Assistant: Gazi Mahtab Hassan

ChiefAssistant Director:  Bijoy B. Sarkar