Jhara Palak

Duration: 89 mins

Country: India

Language: Bengali

Sub Title: Yes

Genre: Drama

The film “Jhora Palok ” followed the voice of poet Jibanananda Das and tried to capture his life through the imaginary visual representation the way he was intrigued with his poetry and explored his life in his own means. The film continuously tries to explore euphorically by transcendental means, his transformations of the self to be the poet with excellence as subject from his childhood to his death periodically, and the growth of his poetic conscience through the time and their consequences. From his very childhood he struggled to fit in the society but failed to do so and the film attempts through the interpretation of the repertoire of his works and his interaction with the so called society of intellectuals and how he get accomplished his position as a poet in Bengali literary scene of coming future which are also present in contemporary time.

Sayantan Mukherjee