Illiralaare Aklige Hoogalaaree

Duration: 123 mins

Country: India

Language: Kannada

Sub Title: Yes

Genre: Drama

Set in two time frames, The India of the 60s and the India of the new millennium, “Illiralaare Akllige Hoogalaare” tells the story of the challenges faced by the two boys who dream of getting out of their oppressive and suffocating lives. These two boys are a mirror image of one another.While one dreams of moving to the city, the dreams of the boy in the city are different. What was their search in life? The contrasts and contradictions in their dreams form the crux of the story. Young Naga lives in a countryside which is idyllic and serene. But the living conditions are oppressive and suffocating. He runs away to the city hoping for better living conditions. Punda is working as a domestic help in the city. But the city of the new millennium offers him comforts but not happiness. What were their search in life?

Girish Kasaravalli