Ethos of Darkness

Duration: 58 mins

Country: India

Language: English,Hindi, Bengali

Sub Title: Yes

Genre: Documentary

Do you know, filming is a chemical process? Most of us will say ‘No’, it was physics. But truth is, with the help of Physics, we changed the nature of celluloid coat and processed with the help of Chemistry then only got the Images. But who are those? Who did it? What was their designation? Most of the cases, A GROUP OF UNKNOWN TECHNICIANS named as “Developer”. But without them, NO ONE CAN BE THE DIRECTOR, CAMERAMAN, MUSICDIRECTOR, HERO OR HEROINE AND OTHER EMINENT PERSONALITY IN FILM FRATERNITY. Moreover, “FILM INDUSTRY” may not exists.

Our Documentary is based on their actual life and sacrifices  for he film industry and became UNSUNG not to the world, even to their family.