Duration: 97 mins

Country: India

Language: Bengali

Sub Title: Yes

Genre: Drama

The Terrace is the absolute place in the life of a young schoolteacher Mitra, who sketches & writes with a passion. Mitra is offered to write for a prestigious local magazine for a special edition which is a dream come true for her. Her communication and relationships with the sky, birds, clouds and the neighbours comes to a halt when the common terrace is locked up by the occupants. This further blocks her mind to conclude her story. Life becomes unbearable when Mitra’s school closes for summer vacations and she is confined to the stuffy overbearing house with an uncompassionate husband.
The terrace is reflective of Mitra’s emotional reasoning and so when the terrace is taken away she suffers from existential crisis. The story writing process makes Mitra realize that her inability to rescue her own-self was a crisis deeper than her need for the open space of the terrace…
i) World Premiere at the South Asian International Film Festival, Toronto, August 2022
ii) Indian Premiere at the Kolkata International Film Festival ( KIFF), December, 2022 (It received the Special Jury Award at the KIFF)
iii) Screened at the Dhaka International Film Festival, January 2023
iv) Screened at the London Bengali Film Festival in April 2023
v) Screened at the Stuttgart Indian Film Festival, July 2023 Stuttgart Germany

CHHAAD was in the Film Bazar Recommends section at Filmbazaar 2021.

Cast & Crew Details
Main Cast – Paoli Dam, Arunnoday ‘Rahul’ Banerjee, Rajnandani Paul.
Director – Ms. Indrani Chakrabarti
Story and Screenplay – Ms. Indrani Chakrabarti
Cinematography – Mr. Subhadeep Dey
Sound Designer – Mr. Anup Kumar Mukhopadhayay
Music Director – Mr. Joy Sarkar
Editor – Mr. Amitava Dasgupta