Duration: 160 mins

Country: India

Language: Bengali

Sub Title: Yes

Genre: Drama

Sanjay, a london based doctor has returned to Kolkata after ages to fulfill his lifelong dream; creating a biopic of legendary actor and thespian Soumitra Chatterjee. He enlists his friend Anirban, a fellow doctor, to aid him in his quest. Despite his best attempts, he is unable to convince the legend to agree to the project.

After a devastating accident that sent his beloved nephew into a coma, Soumitra Chatterjee changes his mind; he reconnects with Sanjay to reveal the spectacular journey of his life.

Against the backdrop of creeping despair, Sanjay hears the story of a life that began in the cacophony of pre-independent Kolkata and survived the time and tides of the eras that came after. The man is witness to some of the most significant events in the country’s history; from the death of Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore to the Partition which resulted in his arrival to Kolkata. He shares with Sanjay his perception of the death and suffering that was prevalent during that time.

Laced with nostalgia, he recounts his youth as a young communist party member when he spent his time embroiled in political discourse at Coffee House.

Eventually, he arrives at the point in his life where he is introduced to veteran thespian Shishir Badhuri. At the time he was at the helm of his own theatre group. Shishir Bhaduri took to mentoring a young Soumitra Chatterjee, which landed him a role in the play titled ‘Prafulla’.

Word of his talent soon found its way to Satyajit Ray’s assistant Nityanand, who was seeking a fresh face to cast in the director’s next film, ‘Aparajita’. The first meeting with the director failed to bag him the role, but not before a word of assurance.

Mr. Ray soon followed up on his promise when he offered him the role of Apu in ‘Apu’r Sangsar’, and the journey began.