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The film is about the journey of Kheya, a theatre artist and her multi-dimensional experience as a girl, as a woman, and even as an artist. it is more so when a woman is of maverick capability and of excellence beyond her time. While the film depicts the scenario of Kolkata’s socio-cultural circuit spanning from the 1950s to 1970s, it aspires to bring forth the struggles and conflicts that a female artist has to go through even after two decades of globalisation.

The film, through an investigation of the sudden demise of an extremely reputed actress’ death delves into an ongoing search behind the causes of ceaseless conflicts a female artist has to confront and is made to remain submissive in the paradigm of male domination. The film intends to get into precise details of the artist’s life so as to expose the obstructions, understand the strength of creative aspirations, and to ablaze with the delightful journey of the artistic soul that unfortunately got cut short. However, this film is envisaged to be in coherence with the belief in the unending journey of the artist, who still remains alive with the lively river and the living art.

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Cast & Crew

Director: Debesh Chatterjee

Producer: Firdausul Hasan, Probal Haldar

DOP: Indranil Mukherjee

Editor: Bodhaditya Banerjee

Screenplay: Debesh Chatterjee

Sound/Music: Bodhaditya Banerjee

Cast: Paoli Dam, Roopa Ganguly, Rajatava Dutta, Bratya Basu, Ushasie Chakraborty, Saayoni Ghosh


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