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In 2017, Feluda turned 50. Created by the maestro Satyajit Ray, this icon fictional private detective is renowned for his remarkable observation, analytical, and introspective qualities, alongside physical attributes bordering on the fantastic. Right from the inception, as a milestone of Bengali literature, Feluda has garnered widespread popularity which grew with films by Ray himself and presently by his son, Sandip Ray. Translated into several Indian languages, Feluda’s adventures have also been published in English, French, Italian, Japanese, and many more languages.

As the first Indian biopic on a fictional character, this documentary showcases and analyses 50-year journey through fascinating interviews & illustrations, rare films & audio clips. radio plays, audio books and comic strips, to explore how he attained the ‘cult’ status and eventually became part of the ‘socio-cultural’ existence, with admirers worldwide. It also throws light on the designer & literary genius sides of one of the world’s greatest filmmakers, Satyajit Ray.

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