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Ordinary men in an ordinary world, living ordinary lives, what sets us apart, what makes a few of us different, special. Aranyadeb is a story of two friends, two cities within the same city, sharing the same soul. Aranya and Deb are the two best friends who represent two diasporas of modern times, each trying to be what they were destined to be—special. While Aranya is a laid back person and considers himself a superhero, Deb is a superhero in all possible terms—studies, career, family. They get separated at the age of 14 and find their destiny to meet when they are 40.

Something magical happens on that fateful day which changes the course of their lives—forever. The narrative moves through four different phases of timeline: early 80s, mid 90s, the present time and 2o years later. It is a tribute to the city of Kolkata, about those who still believe in magic. It is a journey—a journey of our search to find the real superhero within us and around.

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