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Atanu Ghosh

Bengali director and screenwriter, Atanu Ghosh started his career in 1996 soon after completing his post-graduation in journalism with a documentary. Thereafter, he branched out to fictional serials and telefilms. He received the Doordarshan National Award for Best Children’s telefilm Aar ek Bampi in 2002. Another telefilm, Akashchhoan, was selected for the 10th International Kolkata Film Festival, 2004. Sumitra Online was selected for the Telesamman Award for the Best Telefilm of 2005, and Asamapto for Best Direction in 2006. Megh Brishti Rodh fetched him the coveted RAPA Award for Best screenplay. He was awarded the prestigious Shyamal Sen Smriti Samman in 2008.

Notable Works of Atanu Ghosh:

    • BANGLAR SWADESHI GAAN – a 3 episode series on the patriotic songs of Bengal to commemorate 50 years of Indian independence
    • EBONG COMPUTER – a 10 episode fictional series on computers
    • AATANKA – a 40 min fictional film on AIDS awareness
    • CHALTI HAWA – a 10 episode musical series on Bengali Band music
    • GOENDA PORIBAR – a 52 episode fiction series
    • ICCHEDANA – a 26 episode science fiction series for children
    • ARDHEK PRITHIBI – a 26 episode fiction series
Show Details


84-year-old father Sushovan is a brilliant former professor of History, presently suffering from age related neurological problems including dementia and cognitive dysfunction. His middle-aged son Aryanil visits him, an intimately sensitive man going through an unsettling phase in his personal life. Though deeply attached to his father, Aryanil is settled in Chicago, USA, and as such cut off from the soul who shaped his life. Within a five-day span of reunion, lost chapters get curiously reopened and incidents long buried suddenly turn relevant. Few days become more eventful than years and through the process of confrontation with ageing and destiny, Aryanil has to find an ultimate solution to deal with the present mental state of his father and also, to seek peace, hope and sustenance in his own .

Ek Phaali Rodh

Dr. SOMSHANKAR ROY, a social scientist, engages two young people SWAGATO and ANWESHA to create ‘mock’ crisis on the streets. The aim was to observe reactions of people to different forms of crisis happening around them, and to analyse and derive conclusions on Bystander effect from them. Anwesha is a post-graduate in sociology and comes from a well-to-do family. She is engaged to JOY, a celebrity singer. Swagato hails from a middle-class family, has a diploma in journalism but never got a decent job. Swagato has a steady relation with RUPA, who resides in a colony. Days back, Rupa’s mother has been diagnosed to be suffering from cancer. Now they are in acute crisis as Rupa’s mother is the only earning member of the family. PRATIM GUHA, a blind writer of love stories learns about Dr. Roy’s experiment, finds it quite interesting and involves himself with the project in pursuit of a plot. Pratim is dynamic and wants to live life on his own terms. But he is also intensely romantic and emotional. He lends yet another dimension to the curious relationship developing between the six people, namely Somshankar, Anwesha, Swagato, Joy, Rupa and Pratim. But all theories and deductions go astray when one of them suddenly goes missing and the rest cannot decipher whether the crisis is mock or real.


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